Verizon sells off Fios Customers and looks into Buying Dish

Verizon Takes Wireless Road, Sheds Most Former GTE Assets -

Dish Isn’t Off the Menu for Verizon -- Heard on the Street - WSJ

As part of the plan to make back some cash after the last auction Verizon sold off a few assets and customers and debt.  The interesting thing was the idea that Verizon would acquire DISH.

Verizon spent $10.4 billion in the AWS-3 spectrum auction that ended last week. Although Verizon has denied interest, some analysts speculate Verizon could acquire Dish Network (NASDAQ:DISH) or lease airwaves from the satellite TV broadcaster.

The wireless giant said late Thursday it was selling wireline assets in three states toFrontier Communications for $10.54 billion and leasing rights to its cell towers to American Tower for $5 billion. Verizon said it would use $5 billion of the after-tax proceeds to buy back shares and devote the rest, roughly $6.8 billion, to paying off debt related to its spectrum purchases in the government’s recent auction.

With so much talk nowadays involving mergers, acquisitions and buyouts, it's no wonder companies are playing a shell game trying to restructure and re-align to make profits.  These competition wars are making friends out of enemies in corporate America.

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