Verizon v. FCC?
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How many of you Verizon customers are aware that the District Court has disallowed the much-heralded open web policies articulated by the FCC to the effect that higher speed and access cannot be charged differentially between groups of customers.  The court said that the FCC does not have the authority to so stipulate.  Verizon is the named plaintiff but no doubt represents a couple of the biggies including ATT etc.  Verizon brought this action in the interest of creating different strata of internet speed and access depending upon fees.  If Verizon succeeds, if the District court is sustained, the internet as we know it, as "free" information highway will disappear;  the internet will be privatized entirely and therefore many of you users will find yourself squeezed out of speedy access by wealthier consumers to whom higher fees are immaterial.

As of me, if Verizon does not back down from this approach, I will ditch Verizon and see to it that other Verizon users ditch as well.  It's your choice.

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