Yahoo Security Breaches: Discuss
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There are 32 million reasons why Verizon needs to step away from Yahoo!

Not everyone in here uses Yahoo, but we all certainly use Verizon.  Just curious how people feel about the recent Yahoo security breaches in relation to their pending acquisition by Verizon.

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Re: Yahoo Security Breaches: Discuss
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I don't have a Yahoo email - I have used Yahoo chat in the past but not in recent years.  Most of my friends who do have Yahoo accounts have had them continually hacked, and send me bogus emails that I know are not legit.  I tell them to change their password, or just move away from yahoo email altogether.

Verizon may have reasons why it want to acquire Yahoo, but it would seem a wiser investment to buy a company with fewer security problems.  If they are going to spend that much money, there have got to be better places to spend it.