outdoor channel sportsmans channel

why is verizon deciding what i should watch?

those are my fishing and hunting shows verizon eliminated.

i want these shows reinstated.

maybe the next decision they'll make is that football is too violent , so we can eliminate that next...with any luck we can be just like Cuba, where they are told what is best for the people..which by the way isn't cell phones.

who is deciding what we should watch or listen too?

other service providers? not the only cell phone / internet /cable option!

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Re: outdoor channel sportsmans channel
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Enjoying certain programming on favorite channels is a great way to relax, ipikman. The best way to get help on this would be through our sister-company's community page: http://forums.verizon.com/

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Re: outdoor channel sportsmans channel
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That is an issue with the Verizon Residential services like Fios and cable. It has nothing to do with the Verizon Wireless side of the company.

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