Absolute worst experience I’ve ever had with any cell phone provider

Okay, so… Most of which I haven’t had much issue with. I’ve been having an absolutely terrible experience so far with Verizon… I’ve been looking forward to switching, but haven’t had much luck with contacting anyone & getting assistance. I’ve spent over 8-10 hours across phone, text chat & web chat. 

Here’s part of the issue I’m experiencing. I ordered an iPhone 15 Pro 500gb, ipad & iwatch ultra 2 that was part of the holiday deal which I have been charged for already. I also already received my bill BEFORE my iphone & iwatch. Picked up my iPad already.

I had contacted chat to ask if I could update the phone to the 1tb version within 30 minutes of placing the order & they told me I would have to pay a $50 fee to restock even if I don’t open the packaging. I was told by Verizon that there is no fee if I do not open the package, so that rubbed me the wrong way. I then told them it was fine & to leave the order as is. I then asked to confirm they did not cancel the order, they noted the order is not canceled & on its way. I received a confirmation email saying it was shipped.

It was ordered the 27th, supposed to be delivered on the 29th. Waited until the 30th, still nothing. Called Verizon on Friday, they told me to call fedex. FedEx told me Verizon canceled it & to call Verizon. So a lot of back & forth here… very much frustrating for anyone, but it’s been a pain. I tried chatting a couple other times & they couldn’t get a code to my phone. I was able to do it just fine VIA the website with my email. No one gave me that as an option after various associates tried to help & kept transferring me.

Tried calling Verizon, was told it would be a 20 minute wait. After patiently waiting for 40 minutes I switched to chat. I was connected to Viktor which told me the lines are actually not open on Sunday. This was beyond frustrating to read since the site allowed me to call & the line said there was a 20 minute wait time. It’s 2023, there shouldn’t be website issues like this. So, In the chat, Viktor said he was on the Fios team & had to transfer me. I went into the chat for mobile so this didn’t make sense. He said he would transfer me, then I waited for 10 minutes, nothing. Backed out, went back to the mobile chat area opened a new chat for phone orders, got Viktor again. He said he could transfer me again, then asked me 4 times if I wanted to connect to a phone order associate which I answered yes, 4 different times… not sure why I had to confirm over & over when I had said yes, please the first time. I then waited for another 15 minutes to get connected to no-one but a message from chat saying “connection failed”. After reconnecting still no one showed up.

Today, I tried the text option again. Only to be transferred 5 times to the wrong person to resolve my issue. I finally ended up getting connected to someone & am waiting to see if this person will help me with this…

I’ve spent over 8-10 hours of my free time dealing with this issue.. very frustrating when I’m trying to resolve a very simple issue… looking forward to seeing  what Verizon will do to resolve this issue and what they can offer to alleviate all of the stress I’ve had to endure just get a new phone & watch.

Thank you very much for reading all of this & I hope you have a great rest of your day & week.


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