Can't Cancel Trade In!

I ordered an iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB and took advantage of the $830 trade in  promotion credit for my iPhone 13 mini. After realizing that the 128GB was on backorder but the 256GB was available, I figured I could use the extra space anyways and wanted to amend my order to get the 256GB phone instead. I went on Chat with Verizon to amend the order but was told I needed to cancel the order instead. I clarified with the Chat rep that if I canceled the order, I would still be able to trade in my device right away and get the promotional credit, and they assured me there wouldn't be any issues. I cancelled the order and was in the process of having the rep re-order the phone when the chat disconnected.. I tried to reconnect to the chat with no luck.

I decided I would just try to place the order myself. Turns out, the trade-in wasn't cancelled. I called Verizon to get the issue fixed but was on the phone with them for about 2 hours without being able to fix the issue. Apparently no one at Verizon can figure out how to cancel the trade-in and re-initiate a new order. The rep on the phone was extreley nice and tried to help, but it didn't seem to work. Now I'm coming up at the end of the $830 promotion next week and it's impossible to cancel the trade-in. I've tried entering the IMEI manually for the trade in and it states it's already in process. I still have the phone and nothing was shipped/mailed for the trade in device. 

I'm going to miss out on a great promotion all because a Verizon rep told me to cancel the order and now they cannot figure out their own system to get it canceled and new order placed. This seems like such an easy task, I cannot believe it's this hard to cancel an order and re-order. I've also seen other threads where this has gone on for months/years without Verizon being able to cancel the Trade in. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, is there a resolution? The promo ends on 10/18 and I'm afraid I'm going miss the promo because a Verizon rep informed me to cancel my order and assured there wouldn't be issues..



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I am having the same issue.  Any resolution?