Device stolen upon delivery

I ordered an ipad Air from Verizon on 1/30/23 which was delivered by UPS on 1/31/23, however, I was not home when the package was delivered and the package was stolen off my front porch while I was not at home.  I contacted Verizon who told me I need to file a claim with asurion.  I filed two claims with asurion which have gotten denied because there is no usage on the device.  Uh, this seems pretty obvious to me but there logically wouldn't be any usage on a device that was stolen from me.  It makes no sense that this is the reason for denying my claim.  I pay for protection on my devices and the protection service is failing to provide services to honor my claim for the stolen device.  I then contacted UPS and tried to file a claim but they told me they have a contract with Verizon and cannot file a claim.  I filed a police reported with my county's sheriff's office and can provide that police report for the stolen device.  I purchased a second ipad as I am in school and needed something to do homework on for class.  I am now paying for two ipads when the first one was stolen and nobody is helping me out regarding the stolen device.  I feel like I am stuck in a poor customer service black hole and am getting taken advantage of by Verizon as Verizon is profiting off me paying for 2 ipads when 1 was stolen from me and I do not have the device and have not activated the device.  In addition, how could Verizon send me a $750 ipad and not require signature upon delivery?  Verizon should be held accountable for not requiring a signature on such a high valued item.  I am just requesting that my stolen device be refunded as I have not activated the device nor ever signed for the delivery of the device.  The device was stolen and I have not been able to use the device.  Please provide some guidance in this situation.  

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