Disappointed and frustrated

I recently had a disappointing experience with Verizon's online store. I placed an order for an Xbox Series S using a promo code for 50% off. Unfortunately, the package was undeliverable due to a misspelling on the shipping address, which was made by Verizon. While my order confirmation email had the correct shipping address listed, the shipping confirmation email had the incorrect address.

After calling Verizon's customer service multiple times to have the shipping address corrected, I was advised to wait for the package to be returned to the sender and re-order online. However, when I tried to re-order, the promo code for the 50% discount was no longer valid. Despite speaking to multiple customer service representatives who assured me that they would honor the original promo, I was unable to get the discount and wasted several days and many hours trying to resolve the issue.

What's more, each time I called, I was transferred to different departments at least a dozen times, and in some instances, I was transferred without notice while waiting on hold. I am disappointed and frustrated with Verizon for making a mistake on my order, wasting my time, and failing to honor the original promo code.