ESL support does not work English, fluent, understanding is needed
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Verizon uses chat bot AI to try to support you online.  They do not work.  I can get to somebody who says they are a person, but they take 5 minutes between replies, and if that reply clearly indicates they do not understand what I'm asking for, I have to correct them...then wait 5 minutes for a reply and hope they get it.  They never do, and nothing is resolved.  I've spent 15 hours trying to upgrade a phone line, receive a phone, then replace the phone when the one I ordered was not working.  I'm not exaggerating.

I switched to calling, and spoke to someone who uses English words very well.  Unfortunately, English is clearly not her first language, so while the words and phrases appear to make sense, and seem okay, the fact is inside her head she THINKS she is saying something completely different from what she is actually saying.  It takes forever to sift through the language barrier and try to find out what exactly she is misunderstanding and try to correct it.  (I never did, after 1 hour 20 minutes...I'll call back again and start over today...AGAIN.)

I returned a phone that did not work, using your return label, as instructed by your tech people, for a replacement.  I have the tracking info.  It has been delivered.  When will you be shipping me another phone?  She asks if she should create a ticket to get this issue resolved.  HOW WOULD I KNOW WHATYOU SHOULD DO??  IT'S YOUR COMPANY, IT'S YOUR SYSTEM, I JUST TOLD YOU WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR.   IT'S YOUR JOB TO DO THAT, NOT MINE.  AM I REALLY SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT STEPS YOU SHOULD TAKE IN YOUR OWN SYSTEM TO ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING SIMPLE LIKE FOLLOWING THROUGH ON A REPLACEMENT THAT YOUR OWN TECH PEOPLE INITIATED?

Fine, open a ticket.  She did.  I found it in my account.  It contains almost nothing.   Three words "needs device replacement" it says.  She told me over and over again that within 24 hours I should see my account changed to reflect the return, and then I can order another phone.  She creates the ticket and I get an automated email that says between 24-48 hours someone will contact me about my ticket.  I tell her, this says between 24-48 hours.  "Yes, sir, so within 24 hours you should see something."

You didn't even put what is going on in the ticket.  You clearly do not understand what "within 24 hours" means.  Nothing has been resolved.  You have just created a ticket on your own stupid $#%#$ system that I expect nothing from, not addressed anything, and clearly barely understood most of this hour-plus conversation.

I got an English speaking person once, when they thought I was trying to order a new phone.  He clearly understood me and immediately told me there was nothing he could do, and dumped me back into non-English dead-end "support", where nothing gets done, I waste my time, nobody understands anything.  I could spend HOURS trying to get answers to the SIMPLEST questions.

I've heard other phone carriers are just as bad.  I no longer care.  I'm so angry at the bean counters who put these GARBAGE systems together just so they can get a bigger yacht that I'm leaving.  I don't care if they don't care because they're so big it won't matter.  I don't care if I'm trying to explain the same thing to the same person working for a different carrier who also doesn't speak English.  At least I'll pay less to get completely fraudulently abused by Verizon.  It's a disgusting inexcusable refusal to provide basic services that obviously they are obliged to provide, while pretending to provide them and frustrating all efforts to hold them accountable.

I despise Verizon and every huge organization like Verizon that operates like this.  Despise.