Fed ex stole my package
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I am dealing with same issue fed ex says they delivered my phones after saying they were lost and it would be 24-48 hours to complete an internal investigation.I checked the status of my  case and to my astonishment it stated delivered.So I called fed ex and the lady notified me it was delivered to an address that is close but not the delivery address and was signed by a random person I’ve never heard of.This doesn’t make sense.And for over a week nothing but broken promises that this would be resolved.I’ve made over 9 calls most lasting over an hour of nothing but people that work for Verizon stating they cannot do anything and their ability is limited.I have lost almost $500 and many hours of time being frustrated almost to the point of panic.I will not be a victim of a company that has multiple complaints against a delivery company that is rampantly full of package thieves.This is the last ditch effort before I try media and my friends 6 million subscribers to find justice.It seems NOYONE at Verizon cares 

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