FedEx stole my orders - never delivered, would never show me the location of packages
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I have spent over 30 hours and missed 3 days of work, and ruined two weekends in a row, trying to get someone from Verizon or FedEx to tell me where my iphone and ipad are. No one will tell me. No one knows. I had to take it upon myself to order ANOTHER phone and ANOTHER ipad, and pick them up at a store. you guys need to cancel the original iphone and ipad and have the phone numbers switched. This is insane. FedEx blames it on Verizon and Verizon said FedEx is lying. One of them flat out lied to me and told me that any store would honor the same deal as the online specials and get me a phone and ipad i ordered! The employees at the Verizon store told me they can never help anyone with an online special order because they don't have the codes or authorization. I was on hold with Verizon for over 4 hours and they hung up on me. The next day I was on hold for over an hour, and you hung up on me, again. I have spoken with a dozen representatives. Not a single customer service rep seems to know how to handle issues with FedEx. 

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Re: FedEx stole my orders - never delivered, would never show me the location of packages

I am struggling with the issues that happened with me this Thanksgiving and made my thanksgiving day the worst day. I placed my order on Nov 20th for 4 iphone devices and supposed to get my device on 22nd, Fedex update the status as devices delivered but its never delivered to me. My Ring and security cameras also not captured any Fedex guy to stop by at my door to deliver package and get my sign. Other package also supposed to deliver today on 24th Nov, and the same incident happended again. I called fedex 10 times and Verizon the same, they only keep saying the created the ticket and will investigate this issue. What a frustration i am getting and regretting big on to order from Verizon.

On 23rd when i called Fedex and Verizon for my investigation ticket that got created on 22nd, they responded that the package got located and will be delivered to me on 24th. But later they said they still not a able to find it yet and making false promises.

I would highly recommend other not to order from Verizon. This is such a worst experience and make my last three days the most miserable days.

I dont know what will happen to my devises and verizon is saying they start my service and i have to pay them. What a worst experience.

I will keep posting my experience on this community and also on Twitter.