So I was first with StraightTalk until today around 4, I called and talked to Sarah and ordered a FlipZ 4 and the accessories all totalling to about $500 including finance. So I ordered it online and waited for an order number... Until I found out by calling back that it was sent to Fraud Department. Now I am wondering why after I just bought this phone would it go to Fraud, but they told me it was for a new members wanting to get new phones. I was annoyed, but I went with it. The first guy kept rushing me and barely felt like he listened. The second person was a bit more nice, but I am sad I asked to go to a store since it seemed I couldn't get a good picture of my license. Then once I finally got a good picture I was then told I had to give an additional document like a bill... I had to cancel the order. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?