I upgraded my iphone two weeks ago.  The new iphone was sent back to the carrier mid shipment and i was told my order was going to be cancelled and i would receive a refund and have to place another order. The order was never cancelled and i never received a refund. Its been TWO Weeks since iv been contacting customer service to help me with this issue and NO one knows how to resolve it. I keep getting the run around saying i need to wait its been two weeks. I dont have a phone, the order was never cancelled , there is an outstanding balance on the account and i still dont have a refund. Verizon is the WORST provider and i have had the WORST experience dealing with customer service as they dont know how to resolve the issue and have me in cirlces. THIS is INSANEEEEE. Do i need to contact corporate? LIKE what do i need to do to get someone to help me. 

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