Help with a return of a phone case

Uh I need help to do a return of a Otterbox that Ia m not gonna need any longer, sorry to say this but this morning I put in a request to get my account disconnected with yall as it is cut off as the line of service is canceled and I am a new customer of a different wireless carrier as of yesterday and I am enjoying my new line of service with a different wireless carrier, I am still able to login to my account and when I go to orders and click on the view details of the item I wanna return, It says, Oops, looks like something went wrong. Please try refreshing your page or go back to orders. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. I am impatient for that happening when I try to start return on that item, yeah I had to give up having service with yall as I been let down whenever i need some assistance to do a return from time to time and none of you wanna help me out on here at all, Why why why are yall not providing good customer service to me, huh huh huh, sorry that yall do not have me as a customer anymore as I got to wait on a return kit to return the phone device to the warehouse, I do not know when I will become another customer of yall one day, no time soon I know that for a fact since yall do not like to provide good customer service to me to help me with a return shipping label when it comes to needing help with that

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