How in the world to get a botched order resolved so we can order new phones?

Any tips on getting help from Verizon customer service?  Is there an email anywhere to get in touch?  We called on Black Friday to order phones and the representative totally botched the order.  I have spent over 10 hours on the phone with Verizon over the past 10 days trying to get this rectified so we could actually order new phones, during the specials and while they were in stock.  Specials are ending, the ones we wanted are now out a stock, and I still cannot order phones.  Everyone has been super polite, but no one can resolve the issue.  At this point I'm thinking our only option is to give up and just change to AT&T.  I hate to do that after investing so much time and having been long-time Verizon customers, but AT&Ts specials are also set to end.  Before we jump ship: Any way to contact customer service besides the phone and chat?