Incorrect shipping address
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I went to upgrade my phone to the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max as I usually do via chat, I've been with Verizon going on 7 years and always upgraded this way. This recent situation has led me to reconsider carriers as the representative put in the incorrect address in Anaheim CA after I gave him my correct address 2 times in the chat. I thought maybe they entered the factory where it was coming from, but after looking up the address via google maps I was incorrect it was someone's house. Now I live in Virginia which is across the states I was able to catch the mistake before it was delivered and was told I could have it rerouted only to go back n forth for 4 days only to be told I would need to cancel and resubmit my order which could take 7-10 business days. I wouldn't be upset if the correct information was told to me instead of me reaching out to 4 different representatives and no type of accommodation was offered after it was the representative who placed the incorrect address. Does anyone have any experience with this? how long does it usually take to get this cleared? 

Re: Incorrect shipping address
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Thank you for reaching out to us here at Verizon.. Please private message us for further assistance.