Lost Trade In


I traded in my phone for a $700 promotional credit… on 1/31/23 I packaged my old phone and shipped it at a UPS Store with the prepaid UPS label that Verizon provided me. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago Verizon emailed me saying they are removing the promotional credit because they haven’t received my trade in. 

The UPS store confirmed that there have been issues with these phones and that they aren’t sure what the problem is, but they do know someone had the same situation as I did but after contacting Verizon, Verizon provided the wrong tracking number and Verizon had the phone the whole time - it was their fault. 

I reached out to Verizon customer service and spoke with a supervisor and they haven’t been helpful. They tell me there is only 1 tracking number on their end and that unless UPS marks the package as lost, there’s nothing they can do. 

I have spoken again with the UPS store about this and they confirmed there was a package sent out with a Verizon label on 1/31 at 12:03 PM, BUT the tracking number does not match with ours so they also believe that Verizon provided us the wrong tracking number and they have the phone. They also will not open a claim to mark it as lost because the tracking number Verizon provided doesn’t exist so there’s not even an option to do so.. 

Essentially now Verizon support has been no help and UPS can not help further because the Verizon provided tracking number doesn’t exist. 

I feel like something isn’t right here and that this is fraud.. something is just not aligning but we are trying our best to request footage now of me dropping off the pacakage to UPS and if we can get it we fully intend to submit it to Verizon and continue escalating this issue. 

What are our options? Anyone have the same issue?

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