My Experience Upgrading

I have had my account with Verizon for 12 years and was on my parent's Verizon plan for at least 5 years prior to that.  In that time I have never had any real issues (Thank you), but I feel like my experience with upgrading my phone should be brought up.  On April 26th I ordered a Sumsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to replace my Samsung Galaxy S10.  My S10 has survived 4 years of my abuse which is impressive.  My initial order was verified and confirmed and had 2 day shipping.  On April 30th, I noticed that the orders still did not show it was shipped.  So I went to my local Verizon store.  The lady at the store couldn't figure out why it had not been shipped.  It was ordered on a Wednesday, with 2 day shipping, the item is in stock, there were no notes on the order that she could see.  So she gave me a phone number to call which is an automated system.  This lead to nowhere, and I hung up.

So I went home and started a conversation with the Live Help. They also could not figure out what was wrong.  They gave me a phone number, which needed a credit authentication number, back to Live Help to ask for the authentication number to which they gave me a new phone number to try.  This number at least got me to a person.  After probably 15 minutes of this "expert" helping me, I was told it was taken care of and I had received a text message with a support request number.

Three hours after that conversation I received another text message saying "We have an update... A representative will contact you soon..."  So the next day I still had not heard anything on this update, and my order still had not changed status, still showing ordered but not shipped.  Back to the wonderful Live Help.  This "Expert" informed me that the previous person had done it wrong and this new "Expert" will do it properly.  By the time the conversation was done I had a change on the order and it actually is showing some sort of progress, HURRAY.  I had asked if there was any sort of ETA that I could expect, and they just said they would take care of it personally.

So today while at work I checked the status of my order and I had already missed the UPS delivery.  I log into Verizon to get my tracking number, to log into UPS.  With the way that the delivery was ordered by Verizon, I can't change the address of where the device is being sent, and I can't request the delivery just be placed in an out of sight location.  So I can either give the code to my garage, or have it delivered to a UPS location that's 35 minutes from my house while paying an extra $6 for that.  Good thing I'm a healthcare worker and work 7am-7pm that's really great for making sure I'm there for deliveries that are coming a week late.  At least on the third day of attempts someone should be home to receive the delivery.  I tried to go to the live help again to see if there was a way that Verizon could change the shipping address, and when I was asked about what I needed help with I got a reply that said something like "Tom Petty was right, waiting is the hardest part"

Lesson learned, don't do anything online that you can just do in the store.

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