New phone returned to sender, order not refunded or cancelled


* Thursday 3/23: I upgraded my cell and initiated a trade-in of my old phone online and had it shipped to my home address, which is an apartment. I entered the address correctly , and confirmed on the receipt/order confirmation that it was correct. My address format is 123 Main Street, Apt 1, City, State, 12345. Expected delivery 3/25 

* Saturday 3/25: Checked tracking and there is a notice saying that an incorrect address has been entered and address confirmation is needed. I contact UPS customer service via phone, who say that the apartment number has been left off the shipping label from Verizon. 

* Sunday 3/26: I contact Verizon customer support line. They also state that there is no apartment number on the label associated with the tracking number, however the shipping address I manually entered, which coincided with the address on my account, did have have apartment number. The representative explained this commonly happens. They manually changed my address to include my apartment number. The tracking number then updated to delivery on Monday 3/27, address change confirmed.

* Monday 3/27: I check my tracking number again. It still says address changed confirmed, but now says returning to sender in Fort Worth, TX. I called UPS customer service again, who stated that the address confirmation from Verizon was processed, but no delivery attempt was made and yet the system marked it as return to sender and it was on it's way to TX. I called Verizon customer service, who also confirmed the address change was accepted and yet the package was being returned to sender for failed delivery. The rep I spoke to stated my only option is to wait until the phone is received at the warehouse in TX, where the order will be cancelled and I will be refunded for my initial payment  and my account will be credited for the trade-in value of my old phone. I will then need to re-order the entire order and trade in process and have it shipped somewhere else without a second address. I also confirmed that I will not be penalized for not having sent in the trade-in as expected./

3/30: I called Verizon once the phone arrived to back at the warehouse as instructed. I was again reassured I would be refunded for what I paid and credited for the trade in and my bill would be adjusted. The representative said they cannot cancel the order directly. They have to put a ticket in to cancel the order which could take 3-7 days. 

4/3: Called again because I received a notice that my support request to cancel the order was resolved and an email reminder to send in my trade in phone or my new rate would be forfeited, as well as an email prompt to review my new phone. I checked my account and my new phone is still showing as delivered (it was....delivered back to the Verizon warehouse) and both my order and trade in are still open. The representative this time said again it would take 3-7 days to cancel the order, they cannot just cancel it themselves. I was AGAIN reassured I wouldn't be charged for anything and my trade in would be credited (which I am now doubtful of). 

How long does it take to have an order cancelled once support puts a ticket in? My billing date is coming soon and I'm not paying an additional $100 for a phone I do not have, or penalized for a trade in I can't complete. This is EXTREMELY frustrating and I'm very unhappy with Verizon right now. 

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I am having exact same issue right now. Did they solve your problems?


9/20/23- I ordered a new iPhone on the Verizon website and created a trade in submission for my current phone.  

9/23/23 - Order delivery was attempted, but I was out of town.

9/27/23 - Order returned to sender

10/03/23 - Verizon receives the order back and I am told that it will be taken off of my account in 2-3 days.

11/14/23 - After spending 15 hours on the phone with Verizon over the last month, it still is a pending order on my account and the trade in request cannot be cancelled, so I am unable to place a new order.  No one is able to fix the issue or even call me back to follow up on the problem.  In the meantime, I am not going to be able to use the trade in credit special ($830) or place any new orders.