Order Issues with Upgrading
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I recently went to a Verizon location (10/22) to order a new phone upgrade for myself and wife. We were assured our card would be charged once the phone ships (11/3), due to back order. I received a notification from Verizon on 10/27 that my payment method was declined and I needed to update my payment method. After following EVERY single step and link sent by customer support, there billing system will not allow me to update the card on file. I used multiple cards, contacted each bank, and it is obviously an error with Verizon's merchant system. After waiting 2 hours jumping through multiple hoops, I was directed to go back to the store I placed the order to fix this issue. The following day I went to said store, just to be LAUGHED at: "We cant help you here, we have no idea why they would send you here."  THIS IS THE LITERAL STORE WHERE I PLACED THIS ORDER! I spent hours of my day attempting to get this resolved, no one was able to help me. I was offered a small consolation of $30 for my "inconvenience". At a minimum, someone could at least come to my house and spit in face in person, at least I would have the opportunity to look them in their eyes as they did so.

Seeing there is literally no way for someone to contact a manager or supervisor to fix this, or even file a formal complaint, I have no other option than post this in hope a "supervisor" will private message me.  I have been offered a significantly better deal to switch to T Mobile, in writing. Unless this offer is matched by a Verizon rep, I will be taking my 16 year long relationship to another provider.  Looking forward to your response VZW.

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