Ordered items not shipped.
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I placed some orders for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 512Gb with the help of a sales agent . It’s been 7 days now and no tracking information. 
called in several times and in app chats only to have different misinformations from different agents as regards the reason for the delay . So frustrating without no solution .

up to the fact that one of them had to tell me I have to pay sales tax before my order will ship when I live in Alaska with $0 tax sales . Another told me my orders are pending full payment and that is why they are not shipped when I have $7000 credit finance limit and was sure the devices were paid from my credit which already remain a little less than $200 after the orders . 

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Re: Ordered items not shipped.

Hi, did you ever got your phones? Should I wait or just move on?
 I ordered 4 iPhones 14  for my kids as a Christmas present  and never got the phones, I guess there was a document that I had to sign but no one told me, so I called Verizon and the rep had to cancel the order and then after clearing the issue then order the phones again while on the phone with them. So then no phones shipped again so I got to chat with at least 5 different reps and as well one of them told me it was because I had to pay the taxes first but there was no where to pay them on my end, so I got transferred to another upper  level and he said there was no such thing as taxes needed to be paid, after a couple hours again he fixed the issue and I had to sign a new agreement for Verizon service but again  now I keep checking the order status and not shipped yet, so it’s been a very frustrating journey on my first attempt to switch to Verizon. 3 weeks later and no phones yet.