Package delayed, can't cancel or adjust, pure headaches
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I had ordered a new iPhone to upgrade my current one and trade that old device in, but what I foolishly did was order it through the Verizon website where they only offer 2-day and next day, which seems fine on paper, but even the expensive next-day shipping doesn't ship on Saturdays.

Like, what were they thinking? My package was supposed to arrive on Friday, which then got delayed to Monday because of some mishap, in which I won't even be present due to a trip. My only form of compensation is a $12.99 credit for the shipping fee which is already laughable considering I've gone through the wringer with Verizon ever since day 1. Miscommunication with promos, dealing with miscredited bills, lines not activating on time due to some silly restrictions, the TravelPass not being able to be used for Mexico trips and it being “built in” which is instead SUPER SLOW and not actual TravelPass speeds and limits; the list goes on.

How is Verizon blundering this so bad?  I don't know why I keep giving their end a chance while all I need it for is cell service and messages. I could have saved this entire headache and a half had I ordered it through the Apple Store which gives the same exact promos and picked it up same day. I never wanted to say this, but this is seriously making me reconsider my time with Verizon. I cannot get a simply answer or solution at all nor any sort of compensation for my time wasted on these asinine situations. 

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