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So, I have had a prepaid plan for a while and needed to replace my old unlocked phone.  I decided on athe Samsung S23 and wanted to find out the best way to purchase(Verizon, direct from Samsung, etc,).  However I purchased it I wanted to be sure wifi calling would work since it will not work on my unlocked Moto X on Verizon.   Getting answers on what would work was a real chore and I never did get a consistent answer on some points.    After numerous chats and visits I decided to bite the bullet and order from Verizon via the website. 

Today the box arrived from Verizon but it did not have my phone but rather someone else's(along with their phone number and invoice).  A nice S23 Ultra which while nice is too big for me.  I went to the Verizon store thinking they could just swap it out for me and return the wrong phone.  No joy.  After two hours at the store on the phone with customer service they still could not resolve this.  They suggested I return the wrong phone and trust them to credit my card back and then reorder the phone I originally ordered and expect the correct result.  Given the chalIenges so far I was concerned that they would not properly credit my card. I suggested they send me the correct phone or credit my account first and then I would send back the Ultra.  They transferred me to a  supervisor and that person  either hung up on me or disconnected the call.  We tried to call back but they were closed.  

The store manager suggested I try the chat function at home so I did.  I chatted with about 11 people and  continually went in circles.

Does anyone havbe any suggestion as to how to resolve this?  I suppose I could call the person who was supposed to get the Ultra since their info is in the box but then there is no guarantee they have my phone or would forward it to me

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