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On January 7th, I purchased an Apple Watch Ultra along with an iPhone 14 Pro Max. I received the watch on January 11th and activated it that day.

I then decided it really wasn't for me and checked on the return possibilities. On February 9th, the system indicated I could start a return but I was unable to do it then due to work commitments. The next day, on February 10th, I went into my account and found that I did not have the option to start a return. I chatted with an agent who stated that I should be able to as the return policy is 30 days after activation, so they started one for me and even sent a return label. A few minutes later, the agent then said they were mistaken and the policy was 30 days from order.

This is very frustrating because I lost 4 days of the return period due to shipping that I couldn't help. There was nothing the agent would do and they would not give me their name or escalate to a manager, so I was just out of luck.

I was planning on returning the watch and upgrading my son's phone to an iPhone 14 Pro Max so Verizon would get more out of the deal. This is very frustrating, but I know it's apparently the policy as written. I'm suggesting that this be changed so that others are caught up by this. What if it had taken two weeks to get the device?

I wish Verizon would still consider a return, but I know that will never happen and I know one customer isn't enough for them to even care. I have been with Verizon for 20 years and have 5 lines of service. I'm a good customer who always pays their bill and almost always has the most expensive plans and phones.

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