Verizon - Customer Service

I ordered a Google Pixel 8 last week.  Per Verizon's website the phone was going to arrive to my house on Monday, today is Thursday.  Still no phone.  Long story short:

- I communicated with Verizon the same Monday, letting them know that FEDEX made a mistake and they never came to my house.  Verizon's response was:   FEDEX will deliver the phone tomorrow, do not worry.  (First Lie)

- Tuesday:  I again communicated with Verizon and told them that per FEDEX's website they were returning the phone to them.  They told me that they were going to open an investigation and contact me back.  It never happened (Second Lie)

- Tuesday evening.  I called them I told him everything for the 3rd time,  the lady said that they were canceling the order and placing a new one.  She was processing the order and they were going to call me later to finish the payment. (They never did) (Lie #3) 
- Wednesday: I called again and again the same story...  The first 43 minutes of the call is just explaining everything and several minutes on hold....  they again start processing the order and hang up on me. Never called me back.

- Same Wednesday: I called again and ask to speak with a supervisor, they hang up the phone.

- Same Wednesday: I called again and ask to speak with a supervisor, they said that they are in meetings and promised me a call back the same day (Of course, it didn't happened)

- At this point, I don't know what else to do.  Most likely they will charge me for a phone that I don't have and there is no way of effectible communicating with them.

It is very sad that after almost 13 years with them, the treat you without any respect and zero customer service.

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