Verizon couldnt do worse if they wanted to
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Ordered a phone, had to cancel the order and down grade the phone to go pick it up because it was taking to long to ship. Had to pay again and still waiting for my money. Said would ship within 48 hours, that was the first of many lies. Because the sales rep canceled my order I lost some of my promotions. He didn't bother telling me that one. I've had multiple verizon reps tell me something that was completely not true. Basically just shutting me up for a moment. Been on the phone at least 20 times this past 2 weeks trying to get everything straightened out and have gotten nowhere. I had a promo with a tablet. Paid what they asked, got the receipt and then a confirmation to pick it up the next day. Drove FOURTY FIVE minutes to this joke of a place just for the guy to wave it in my face and then go put it back in his inventory. Showed him the receipt and pick up order, called customer service in the store, another hour wasted of my life. Rep promised I would be leaving with the tablet . Do you think I did? Another lie. Upgraded my plan and added another line for absolutely no reason. There is so much more but I'm absolutely done with their lies and **bleep**. Only Been 2 weeks with them. Oh ya, the best part. Now my account says that I received the tablet and kept my money. All of the charges are right there on my bill. As if I opened this awesome tablet and was enjoying Verizon immensely. I can't wait to switch to another provider. ANY company would be better. Good luck, you're gonna need it. Don't believe their **bleep**. 

Re: Verizon couldnt do worse if they wanted to
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Hi! We don't want you to feel this way. Our goal is to provide you the best experience. Please allow us the opportunity to provide you with the help you deserve. To get started I will send you a private note.