Where is my new phone?

I have been trying to upgrade to an iPhone 14 Pro Max since the 20th when I went to the local store and bought 2 other phones at the same time. I didn't need to upgrade but since it sounded like such a great deal I went ahead and started the process. Naturally it had to be ordered. The first one came in late, of course, and come to find out after opening the shipping box that the device box WAS EMPTY. Several calls to customer service later to cancel contracts so new devices could be ordered, ordering, follow ups, wondering why nothing has shipped, I STILL DON'T HAVE MY PHONE! If I don't have a phone shipped to me with delivery by the end of the day tomorrow AT&T will be seeing me Saturday morning. I realize that Verizon probably doesn't consider an account with 6 lines on it as a major loss but I know that the salesperson at AT&T would love to write up 6 new lines of service for them.

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