Wrong item given at pickup

Very annoyed with my experience with Verizon. I’m glad I’m no longer a customer of theirs. Here’s what happened… I saw a deal online for the soundcore liberty 3 pro earphones for ~$40. I placed my order and received an email the next day indicating my item was ready for pick up. I shift my schedule around, drive to their store and they hand me a gift bag. Initially I thought, wow! They treat customers very well. A gift bag for a $40 headphone, that’s awesome. But nah… I get to my car, check the item and it’s nothing close to what I ordered… it was a soundcore sport x10. I bring the “mistaken” product back into the store and they apologize and refund me.
Long story short, don’t make peoplejj drive to your store thinking an item is available when it’s not. You should have just canceled my order, but instead you sent me a fake notification that the product was ready for pickup and wasted my time and gas. 

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