Yet another Negative Customer Service Experience

As a loyal customer of Verizon for over 21 years, I am extremely disappointed with the latest chapter of your TERRIBLE Customer Service! Back in February, I responded to an offer to upgrade my wife and daughter’s phones to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pixel Pro 7, respectively. The Pixel Pro 7 offer was 50% off with no trade-in required. After ordering, it arrived in a timely manner, but the 50% off part wasn’t resolved until after I called CS four times on 2/20/23, 3/28/23. 4/25/23 and 5/4/23. Each time prior to 5/4/23, I was told there was no promo and Verizon refused to honor what was promised. Instead, I was charged full retail monthly payments. On 5/4/23, the rep was kind enough to honor the 50% off and said that my account would be credited $60 to make up the difference from February. But my May bill did not reflect $60 off, so this problem still exists.

For my wife’s phone, when I ordered it on the 2/20/23 call, I also bought and paid for a bundle package of accessories including a case for the Pixel, a case for the iPhone, and a fast travel charger. On this call I was told the phone was in stock and would ship out in 3-5 business days. By request, a tracking number would be provided. Phone and accessories never arrived. I called back on 3/28/23, 4/25/23, 5/4/23, 5/16/23 and yesterday (5/20/23). During the 3/28 and 4/25 calls I was told the phone was backordered. The accessories were never shipped even though they were in stock. On 5/4, 5/16, and 5/20, the phone was back in stock and “promised” to ship out with an updated tracking number. Guess what? Still no phone or accessories. Except, on the 5/16 call, I was told the phone was “accidently” shipped to a Burlington, Kentucky address, where it was fraudulently accepted and never returned. I live in eastern Montana. I was also told the Pixel case I paid for back in February was no longer available. The only thing that I was told could be done was to cancel the Feb order (that went to Kentucky) and make a new order, but without a promo because that had expired.

Here's the really stupid thing! In February, the iPhone trade-in value was $800, and that was increased by $200 to $1000 “because I was a long-time loyal customer”. When I asked for a supervisor during this exchange, one was never connected. The 5/16 call lasted 2 hours, mostly on hold, and finally the rep agreed to honor the $1000 trade-in. I was told the phone was being expedited and shipping right away and would arrive on 5/20, and that a tracking number would be sent. 5/20 came and went. No tracking number and no phone to this date.

I have been promised multiple times that a supervisor would call me back, but I initiated all these calls. Since February 20th I have NEVER RECEIVED ANY COMMUNICATION OR CALL FROM VERIZON REGARDING THIS PHONE OR CORRECTING THESE PROBLEMS. Yesterday, I learned that my daughter, who has been patiently awaiting her case, dropped her new Pixel and the screen shattered. Thanks a lot Verizon! If her case had been promptly shipped like you promised, that wouldn’t have happened.

So, I have cumulatively spent over 5 hours on the phone with Verizon trying to resolve this issue. I still have no iPhone, no accessories. My daughter’s screen is shattered. My bill has not been credited for the Pixel overcharges and there is no end in sight!

I DEMAND THIS BE RESOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

For your sheer and utter negligence, you owe my daughter a new Pixel Pro 7 and a free case.

I can only hope that someone at Verizon who actually cares about me as a customer, actually makes the effort to correct this long-standing deplorable issue. My patience is at an end. 

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