iPhone 14 promo - free Beats Earbuds
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On Dec 23 I took advantage of the iphone 14 pro offer which advertised an Apple Watch, an iPad, and Beats Fit Pro “all on us”.  For some unknown reason I couldn’t  add the Beats to my on-line order.  On Dec 26 I called Verizon and was told “sorry we have no more”.  This seems unfair since the promo is still being advertised and I already placed the  order for phone, iPad and Watch as required for the promo.  Verizon should either stop advertising for the free Beats or make good on their offer to me.

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Re: iPhone 14 promo - free Beats Earbuds

In order to get the earbuds you had to add them to your order, they all had to be together on one order.  This also appears to be an order for new customers.

   You would have to cancel the order you placed on the 23rd. Return everything if you've already received it, and start all over assuming that the offer is still available online. (which doesn't seem to be) While I see the offer, it doesn't seem to be available if you click on it.