myverizon accepts credit card payment then refunds the payment.


I just tried to order a new phone and add it along with an additional plan on my verizon prepaid account. The payment was denied on 2 different credit cards. I called both banks, here's what I was told. 

Verizon accepted the payment and then immediately refunded the amount. They did this 3 times in rapid succession so the banks issued an alerts on the cards, rightfully so. 

Needless to say I didn't buy the $989.00 phone or add an additional line. While I can accept Verizons attempt to communicate strictly through Robo Chat. They obviously don't have the IT infrastructure to make it work.

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Customer Service Rep

We definitely understand that your experience while purchasing a new device did not meet your expectations and became an obstacle during this process. We will be glad to help. We contacted you on Private Note to further assist you.~Geo