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The phone belonging to my mother was not receiving any charge. Nevertheless, we procured a replacement for her. Upon receiving the replacement, I proceeded to configure her new phone, securely wrapped the old phone, and arranged for its return via Fed Ex. Presently, after six months, Verizon is demanding a payment of $1200 because the phone was not returned. I cannot locate the receipt; once again, it has been six months. I am consistently encountering evasive and unhelpful responses from the customer service department. During my conversation with a representative, I was informed that there was no return documentation and that the charge would remain. This is absurd. I relinquished the phone, devoid of any justification to retain it. Based on the feedback I have gathered from the community posts, this occurrence appears to be pretty often. Improve your performance, Verizon! I have been a devoted customer of your company for over two decades.

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