3 months - still haven't received refund

I cancelled an order in November, because the phones that were supposed to arrive before Christmas suddenly went on backorder.  I was told by a representative to cancel my order and I would be refunded the money I had already spent, and then order phones that were not on backorder.  I did as they instructed.  Now, every month I have contacted Verizon checking on the status of my refund. I am always given the run around, they take my information, tell me they created a ticket and I will receive in 5-10 days and then nothing happens.  It is now March, and I first contacted in December asking where my refund was.  They continue to bill me and take my money each month without fail, but can't give me back the money they owe.  Who do I contact, not a Verizon agent, to help me get my money? 

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Customer Service Rep

We are truly sorry to read about your situation, Ibunting.

Verizon is committed to pay attention at our customers concerns, and you're included.

Please, send us a private note to better assist you getting your money back. We'll be happy to assist.