30 days to decide on returning a new phone?

I'm very frustrated and would have never joined Verizon if I knew it would be this poor of communication and lies.


I went to a Verizon store and added a line. The employees there told us about online promotions and told us we had 30 days to decide on a new phone for my daughter because she did not like a phone in the store. That there were choices online. She was looking for a phone that didn't add a monthly fee to own. 


She found a phone she liked online. We could not get it as a new line special so we went back to the store. They told us we had to call Verizon directly and have them do it. We first reached out through chat and talked with multiple people. We were told to not worry and it would be taken care of, that yes her line was new and qualified. They opened a ticket.


Fast forward a few days. We did not hear anything back. We call again. There's confusion this time but the lady assured us it's fine. To go ahead and order the phone and then it will be adjusted as a new line special. She won't have to pay a monthly fee for the phone.


So we do that. We get the phone a few days later. We call Verizon back. Again, there's confusion and this team can't push it through but, don't worry!, another team can and a ticket will be opened. Wait a few days.


More time passes. It's almost a month at this point since this started. We call Verizon back after not hearing anything. This person tells us the ticket was closed (and, of course, Verizon didn't let us know anything) and, sorry! you're out of luck because everyone else was wrong. We waited a month because we were given misinformation and lead on and pretty much lied to. 


Now I'm thinking about returning my daughter's line and my husband's (I had added him as well) and just going with another carrier. Their old carrier was better than this treatment. 


The store also signed us up for something we never agreed to. The bring your own phone special- despite us saying that our daughter did not want to keep her phone and my husband and I getting new phones.


Now, after a months time wasted for nothing, my daughter will have to have her line deactivated to get another phone. She caretakes for my husband so losing her phone number also affects him because all of the medical establishments reach out to her. 


HOW IS THIS FAIR TO US? How is this fair for misinformation to be affecting us? I also have to drive to a UPS store- 20 miles away- to return a phone that we were told we would be able to use. Again, Verizon, how is this fair to us when the fault is on your company? 

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Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to hear that joining the Verizon family is not the experience you were expecting. As we need ot gather more information we will be sending a Private Note.