50 and 200 Gift card Issues
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I had two gift cards on my account know for $50 and one for $200.  I was getting constant emails about redeeming the 50.00 one - I would click the link and got a error message.  I would log into my account and I would click on my offers click the 50.00 offer and be taken to a page that said there was no offer.  I contacted Verizon by phone and by chat MULTIPLE times was put on hold MANY times spent so much time on this only to be told that it was removed from my account and they can't answer why.  Said they don't know why but basically that was my answer.  I have screen shots of the offer on my account.  Than the 200.00 was removed completely from my offers.  I want a answer to why this happened.  I am prepared to stick with this complaint till I get a answer.  I have spent so much time on this and I am at the point that I will not give up now.  I wanted to leave Verizon so many times and I should of followed my instincts.  

I expect- deserve an complete answer to why these were removed and wouldn't let me redeem them.   I feel like I was lied too.

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We know how important it is to know what is going on with your gift cards, and we are here to help get to the bottom of this. We are sending you a Private Note. Please keep an eye out for it.