Account Change Issues/Glitches 2023

My account (and my line in particular) has been having issues for the past two years.


I switched all my lines to the new Unlimited Plus plan. My line was on the 5G Get More plan. I was successfully able to add the TravelPass Perk, Apple Music Family, and Disney bundle perk to my line. Then, about 15 minutes later, the system spontaneously removes all of those perks that were on my line, and every time I try to add it back--no luck. The system will act as if my line is set to get those perks on the same day--but nothing changes whatsoever. Meanwhile, on my other lines, everything works fine and perks are able to be added (and aren't randomly removed).


I also have an ongoing issue where maximum video streaming quality is unable to be turned on only my line. I used to have it on--then out of nowhere (a few months ago) it switched off and I am not able to get it back on as I'm always met with an error message that says that my request "couldn't be processed" and to "try again later."


Can anyone help me resolve these issues?

Re: Account Change Issues/Glitches 2023
Customer Service Rep

That is indeed odd that you're having trouble adding those perks, and keeping them on your line specifically, brainvro. I know I would be frustrated if this were happening to my line as well, so let's work together and see if we can find a solution. Please be on the lookout for a private note from us so we can take a closer look.