Account Not Set Up Correctly

I have been a loyal Verizon internet customer for 4 years but had to cancel my service because I moved to a new apartment that already has Verizon internet service.

Since I changed my phone number a few months earlier but could not update my Verizon account profile (my account was not set up correctly by Verizon so no account information is viewable), I am unable to receive the required PIN via text message to verify my identity.

I therefore called customer service repeatedly to have the PIN sent in the mail but never received it even though customer service claims that it was sent each time.

I had mail forwarding activated and I have been receiving all my mail except my Verizon PIN. Meanwhile Verizon has been charging me on a monthly basis anyway and now my mail forwarding service has ended unless I am willing to pay for a service extension due to this mess.

Is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction towards a resolution? Customer service has been a huge disappointment and I’m beginning to regret ever choosing Verizon.


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