Account suspended due to THEIR error
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Okay, so 9 months ago I started service with Verizon off their website. They had a special where I would get a credit every month on the cost of the phone itself. When I got the phone I had activation issues so I went to the local store and a girl (who has since quit on terms of ineptitude), instead of working on the line created when I signed up online, she created a second line for me BUT she did not transfer the device payment agreement to the second line. I didn’t know this.

SO. Cut forward a few months. I get a letter from collections saying I owe a thousand dollars for the phone on the first line (remember the device payment agreement is still on the first line, unknown by me). The letter also says my line account was closed (huh? My phone was working just fine). I go in to the same Verizon office and they did something so I supposedly didn’t have to pay it. Great, right? Not so much (this was July 2023).

Cut forward to Saturday, February 24th, 2024. I’m leaving to go to my nieces baby shower and notice I have no cellular data usage. My phone only works on WiFi AND I have NO talk or text usage except 911. (Side note: I’m disabled. On SSDI for psychiatric issues. For obvious reasons I need a phone in case of an episode, etc. )

So after the baby shower I go BACK to Verizon. By this time the manager happens to be my neighbor, who is awesome. We spend nearly two hours that day trying to get the ORIGINAL device payment agreement onto my real line, the second line, get my phone taken off the no pay fraud list and phone service back to my true account. We’re sorry but financial services doesn’t work Saturdays and only they can fix this. No we can’t temporarily lift the suspension, we’re told.

Cut to 2/26/24. I go back to Verizon. AGAIN. We’re on the phone for a LONG time having to explain this all AGAIN. The dude we call wants me to do a long term payment agreement for the thousand dollars on the phone I have on my second line, which again is under a deal where Verizon pays a credit every month on the phone. I tell him in no uncertain terms I would NEVER pay money on something I don’t owe . My neighbor, the manager (who already asked my permission to file with the BBB on my behalf when this is all over), gets on the phone and also tells them in no uncertain terms I wasn’t going to pay for something that was their error. Today’s call ended with us being told it would have to go under review which could take 24-48 hours and no, my neighbor, the manager, could not activate a temp phone for me.

Where does that leave us?

So far heading towards at least 144 hours w no cell service. Their $1,000 error is still in collections on my account AND it has now hit the credit bureau to ding my rating. I can only use my phone in other ways when connected to WiFi.

OH and I paid my monthly bill on 2/27, on time like I have every month on what I thought was my only line

Cut to today, I put in a service request on the app and asked to be contacted by email so of course they texted me. The first gal guaranteed me that she would work with me until this was resolved. Then she shuffled me off to somebody else without even telling me. That person proceeded to obviously not read all of the notes on my account because they told me I had to call fraud prevention because they have my account . No duh I already told him that this past Monday the store manager and I spoke to them and they said it was being put in review and I should know something in 24 to 48 hours, and that timeframe was 48 hours ago.

Now I’m still without service. This issue has hit my credit report. I want my service restored. Then we’re going to talk compensation all for the low low price of I don’t go to the attorney general and local news media and tell them everything you guys have done to me