Customer support - can't get past AI to log in online or to talk to an operator.
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Verizon left me stranded when my phone broke and wouldn't let me sign in online. Now Verizon only has AI on their webpage chat module, and on the phone (*611.) Both now require responding from your phone to Accept or Deny the texted link they send. My phone wouldn't charge.  With only 13% left on the battery I called *611 for customer support, their link didn't work. Then the AI voice suggested an operator, then told me their offices were CLOSED! No more 24/7 customer service with live operators. Then the battery died and I had no way to receive a texted link from them.

The chat module on the web page eventually offered to "change devices," for the link, but it required signing in first through their texted link!  Impossible. I tried several times to sign in online through the AI chat module using different terms, trying to get it to suggest something other than login, or send the link to another phone.  All it offered to do was help me with my password, which was irrelevant.   After apparently too many tries  it locked me out of my online account. Their only other option was to drive to a Verizon store, 60 miles round trip for me, where they were out of stock of the phone I wanted.

Even financial institutions will email or text a code, and not require a link that may or may not work.

In past times I could have signed on to my account online, ordered a new phone, been shown the plan and the cost, they would have overnighted it to me, and all would have been well. This is impossible for the self-employed person to not have a phone ASAP. This is dangerous for a person in an emergency situation.

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