Errors relating to number change and Unresolved tickets
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I attempted to change my mobile number through the Verizon app. There was an error and my phone did not switch over to the new number I chose. It effected receiving calls or data to my old number. I contacted customer service and they were unable to resolve and a ticket was started. The issue was not resolved and I had to contact customer service again to work to get my old number back in good standing. It now says I do not have an eligible account for a number change. Though my number was never successfully changed at any point. There seems to be a lot of break down trying to get issues resolved through customer service. So far I don’t know of any resolve to tickets placed. Is this an ongoing issue with Verizon? How do I get tickets resolved so there’s not compounding issues? I would just like to pick and change my number successfully through the app. 

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Hi, Ava814
I appreciate you reached us today.
I will be glad to assist you with any concern you may have about your account and your services.
Feel free to send me a private message, so we can discuss your services, remember that our business hours are 24/