Escalation Assistance Needed, On The Brink of Service Cancellation !!!
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I am extremely tired of the consistent lack of customer service and support from agents. I have been a loyal customer for over 8+ years, paying well over $12,000 to date. With each passing day it gets more and more worse. The amount charged  by Verizon for its service, without actually receiving adequate customer service and support, lacks ethics, honor, and integrity. That’s unacceptably disgraceful.

Much to my surprise, I acquired a $1500 account credit over time since last year. In which, I discovered upon placing an order with a sales rep for a quote on 2 devices, a much needed upgrade on an iPhone 13, 256 GB, seeing my last device purchase was winter 2017 for the iPhone 7 Plus. Also, to meet the needs of my job, I ordered an iPad Air 256 GB. I was unable to complete the transaction due to the demands of my schedule being on call for work.

Yesterday, 5 days later, seeing I had time off from work to finally complete the transaction and handle much needed business. I proceeded to do so when I noticed both devices were removed from my cart. Much to my dismay, when I added both items with associated features and device protection, I was prompted to pay the balance in full instead of being offered the same value of $1500 account credit in the device payment purchase option. Considering how late in the evening it was, I was unable to inquire further on the matter with customer service.

Today, July 18, 2023, I called this morning for clarification when I received a notice that the credit was changed to $500, leaving a balance of $1034 to pay upfront. I was told the credit department determines the amount alotted and whatever is determined cannot be changed. That in itself is a blatant contradiction considering the initial amount was changed from $1500 to $500. Additionally, I was not given an explanation on how I was given the $1500 credit for it to be taken back in the first place. Verizon is clearly playing games to lure customers in with ploys to get as much money out of them upfront as possible, offering extremely little in their service to customers in return.

It is evident I am no longer taken seriously as valued, receiving quality service that devalues my financial contribution and experiencing the quality of service that does not merit my continued patronage. 

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