Get my own plan

I'm currently on my family's plan with Verizon. My parents are wanting to switch carriers so I need to get my own plan now. Can I switch over from being a member on my parent's family plan to having my own individual/separate plan? And if so, would me getting my own plan be considered for the deals Verizon has going for those who start a new line? I want to take advantage of the deal that says "iPhone 14 Pro, on us. Plus, Apple Watch SE & iPad. All on us." but it says "when you switch". Would signing up for my own plan be considered a "switch"? I'm not switching from a different carrier obviously, so I'm not sure what the policy is for those already with Verizon on a different plan.

Re: Get my own plan
Customer Service Rep

Hello, nbiengordy!

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Got you, maybe you will need to do a transfer your service to an account with your own information!

Please, send us a private note, so we can further assist you and give you way more information about your concern!