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On May 15, 2023 I went to Verizon store located at 1301 N Airline Hwy, Gonzales, LA 70737. Upon entering I was asked how could they help me? I stated the interest in signing up for Disney Plus offered by Verizon.  There was two lady and one man behind the counter. The elder lady looked straight at me then told the other lady "to help me because she did not want  to answer my questions". After not being to help me with my first reason I decided not to add the extra line I wanted to add to my plan. When I asked for the ladies name that made the comment not to answer my questions I was told I could not have her name. I took my phone out to take a picture of her name tag which the lady trying to help me blocked her with a piece of paper. I took a picture of this and the man stood up and threatened to call the cops as I was already walking to the door.  While I can't post the picture I will drive an hour away to be treated with respect!!

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Customer Service Rep

We definitely value your feedback about this store experience, Triplejpd. I know I wouldn't want to have the same experience for myself, or any of my loved ones. We can certainly lift this experience up to our leadership team to review. We also want to make sure your concerns were addressed. Did you still need assistance with Disney+ or adding a line of service? If so, please reply to the private note we have sent you so that we can assist.