Having alot of frustration with cell phones !
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Hello everyone, I am not sure what to do at this point any more and am about ready to give up on cell phones! so I've been trying to port my number over to another service provider and it has taken me several days for this and it still hasnt gone through. So i went to my new service provider and was going to port over my number and asked i had account numbers and port information, i told her i had called a few days prior to shut my phone off at the end of billing cycle but she told me that my account would of most likely been closed out already * which it wasnt * and i told her i just wanted to see what my down payment would be for the phone and service would be. I didnt make a decision that day and left the store and went down to verizon to get my transfer infortmation to port over and then went back to the new provider the next day and wanted to get my original number but she had activated the line i inclined about the day prior and that she couldnt transfer the number to it so i asked her to just cancel the line then and she tried to reason with me and asked me to open another line and we could of just ported the number to the new line and close the old one out. I picked my new phone out and she began the process porting it now that i had the infortmation the next day and then i continued to sit at the store of over 3 hours until closing waiting for it to port through she called around and they said they were having delays and that i could just take the phone home and it would be good the next day that i could sign in and finish setting up. well today is now the 3rd day after and its still porting through. I called the 1st night to manually port it and it still hasnt gone through and have heard nothing back. Im considering just going and returning the phone and canceling both of my lines all together. only issue is that a lot my banks and accounts are text number verified so the only reason im going through all this is because i cant access my accounts with out that number and i dont want to lose it from this mess !