How do I leave customer service feedback

How do I leave a customer service review? It is very important that the agent gets recognized. 

When I switched to Verizon the store was so so. Then a few weeks later I get a message informing me that my first bill was overdue, and I am going to be charged late fees. I was very upset because I setup auto-pay and it was not even by the date that I picked for my payment date in the store. I called customer service very upset. I then spoke with a customer service agent who was very amazing. She explained the mistake the store had did. She fixed the issue and double checked everything. She reassured me and she even setup a follow-up with me to look back at the account in a few days to make sure everything is all set to be ok now. 

Verizon, you need more staff like her. LaSonya was the most amazing agent I have ever spoken with in any customer service experience I have ever had. She is intelligent, respectful, stayed very calm and nice the entire time even though I was very upset and probably not the nicest at first. She was truly amazing. Amazing actually doesnt even cover how awesome she was. She fixed everything. I was very impressed by the fact that she setup a follow-up with me to check back in on the account in a few days. Verizon you need to give LaSonya a promotion and raise. She was the best. She seriously deserves an award, recognition, bonus, spotlight points to get Verizon swag, something. She was AMAZING! Verizon make sure you keep her as an agent.  Thank you so much LaSonya.