Huge Billing Increase

I had the quantum  G1100 router that went bad after many years of use.

A tech came out and instead of replacing it with the same model he put in a G3100.

My problem is my bill for TV, land line and Internet has JUMPED from $206 a month to $231 a month!

An almost $25 increase for WHAT?

I was getting 75 up and download speed and I am still getting the same!

Nothing has changed!

What justifies this Huge increase.

Everything is the same except the bill!

Thank you

I can't afford this bill going up!

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Community Leader
Community Leader

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking mostly to other customers here.  Your question is best answered by Verizon.  I suggest you contact them using their chat, phone, DM on Facebook or tweet @Verizonsupport on Twitter.