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This happens every time I have a 2nd question for the Chat with us on my laptop. (I have a fiber internet, with all the bars, and my internet is not the issue), the agent literally says, sure I will be happy to answer your next question, and then it happens, this is a current screenshot of what happened today March 20, 2023, no security type issue so ok to post, I just finished inquiring about if I pay both Netflix premium monthly and Amc+ monthly could I switch over without having to cancel I can. I was given all the steps, etc and then I told them got it, they wanted to wait, told them more questions will do it later and now I have to log back in and restart this is very aggravating and always happens, why, (the subject is not the issue the agent is aware I have another question and yet the Not delivered shows up in red? How do I avoid this, is there a fix?

Yes please go ahead, I will surely check other things for you if you have any issue.
Ok, so on my apple watch and apple ipad it says not registered?
Not Delivered
It is saying not delivered
Not Delivered
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Hello, CinGA. We would be happy to work with you here with your concerns. Please send us a Private Note to begin.