Lost Phone, Account lock loop, I just need a live rep online
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I just lost my phone, I have had my account locked for a month and work graveyards, I haven't been able to contact the support line EVER successfully. Now my phone is lost, I ordered a new phone, and I have autopay on...but I can't use my service without a phone, have no way to contact verizon except by laptop, and I keep getting thrown into a password reset and account locked screen loop...I know what the support number is, I have no way to call it, and I can't get a live rep unless I sign in to address any issue. I just need to talk to a live rep to get access back to my account so I can at least look at my messages online or see what calls I missed while I wait for my phone to get shipped...it also means I am paying for a service I can't use, I just want to cancel my whole account because this is the most absurd problem that no one can address unless I literally create a whole new account to post on  discussions. I can't access anything without calling that number, and I just want to get back into my account, but have no phone to do that.

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