Loyalty discount didn't applied due to student discount which is also not applied as 3 lines -- no discount
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Last month, I tried to activate the student discount on my phone plan and received the email that it has been confirmed, later I got to know that it doesn't apply to 3 lines so I didn't bothered.

Few days later, received message from Verizon regarding loyalty discount, called customer service and they said that they have applied the discount and I would be able to see discount from next month.

Called one month after and they informed me that the loyalty discount couldn't be applied as I already have the student discount. Asked the representative how much I am getting the discount, he mentioned that I am not getting anything as I am not eligible due to 3 lines but still the discount is there. I was kind of surprised that if I am not getting the discount and it never got applied, how is that a discount and because of that I am not getting the loyalty discount as well. If it couldn't have been applied, the customer representative should have informed me on the first call that it's not applicable. I feel like Verizon is trying to keep the customer by luring them with such incentives but are never transparent with them about the loop holes that they use to avoid such discounts. The customer service could have been more transparent that it couldn't be applied because of the student discount ( which never applied) but just informed me that it would be applied after a month and after a month telling me it couldn't be applied. Pretty bad experience since I switched to Verizon in March 2023 and to be very true disappointed. My wife had been asking me to switch to T-Mobile or mint but I just wanted to see if Verizon might make things right but I guess I am again disappointed.

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