Mobile Number Lost After Canceled Port (from Google to Visible); it's now under Verizon's control
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I messed up and accidentally initiated a port out of Google Voice and in to Visible (a prepaid option by Verizon) for my wife's long-time phone number.  But I then canceled the port with Visible's chat agents within minutes (wife didn't want me to port that number, a miscommunication between us, my mistake).

At the time, Visible confirmed they canceled the port in to them, and we successfully ported a different number (from AT&T) into the Visible account, which is working now.

But now, two days later, my wife's Google Voice number is gone. Visible says they don't have it, and Google Voice is showing it as unavailable as a Google Voice number.

When I call the number, I get the service-disconnected message that starts with "Welcome to Verizon Wireless..." so it's somewhere under Verizon's control. Google also confirmed they no longer have control over the number.  Looks like Visible didn't properly cancel the port in.

I called Verizon Wireless directly this morning but the first-line customer service representative said he couldn't find it. Visible says they have a case open, but I'm not confident in their customer service. Is there anyone at Verizon, a particular department, I could get in touch with that might be able to help me?

Any help or advice or tips are appreciated! My marriage will be indebted to you!

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mistakemaker, we'd be sad too if we lost a long-time number. Try contacting the Port team at 888-844-7095, to see what can be done.